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Living Gluten-Free Answer Book

The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book
by Suzanne Bowland

  • Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated
  • Pub. Date: January 2008
  • ISBN-13: 9781402210594
  • 352pp

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Living Gluten-Free Answer Book
Living Gluten-Free Answer Book

What People Are Saying About…
The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book
By Suzanne Bowland (Sourcebooks, Inc. – 2008)

“Honest, clear, accessible, thoughtful, insightful, and loaded with truly useful information, The Living Gluten Free Answer Book is by far the best choice I have seen for gluten-free beginners, and the people who love and support them. Suzanne Bowland brings a tremendously fresh approach to the gluten free world – a celebration of good food, an upbeat and positive style, and a sense of hope, beauty and community for those new to the gluten free lifestyle. An absolutely essential book. Bravo! “

Marc David – Nutritional Psychologist, author of The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy and Weight Loss and Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind-Body Approach to Nutrition and Well Being


“Everything you ever wanted to know about living gluten-free is right here in this conveniently-organized, easy-to-read book.”

Carol Fenster, PhD, author of Gluten-Free Quick & Easy and the forthcoming 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes.


“If you've recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or even merely suspect that you may be gluten-intolerant, you've got a long list of urgent questions. Consider them asked and answered. Suzanne Bowland has amassed a wealth of knowledge in nearly seven years of living gluten-free and shares it in The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book. The book will not only spare the newly diagnosed from engaging in weeks, months, or even years of often fruitless fact-finding missions and frustrating experimentation, it may also offer new tips and tricks on every aspect of gluten-free living for people who already know the basics. It's an invaluable guide, both for gluten-intolerant individuals and the healthcare professionals who care for them.”

Kate Jackson, Editor, Today's Diet & Nutrition Magazine


The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book is an amazing compendium of detailed answers and how-tos for the activities of daily gluten-free living: how to start, how to eat, how to eat out, and how to take control of your life if you need or want to be gluten-free.”

John La Puma, MD, Founder, www.glutenfreequiz.com and co-author, The RealAge Diet and Cooking the RealAge Way


“There's a wealth of new information about living well without gluten in this meticulously-researched guide. It's an encyclopedia for celiacs!”

Jacqueline Mallorca, author of The Wheat-Free Cook, Gluten-Free Recipes for Everyone.


The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book will educate food service professionals (from the baker, cook and the table server) in realizing that the gluten-free lifestyle is not a fad, nor a passing moment developed by the world wide web. Anyone mystified about celiac disease or gluten-intolerance has a great road map to guide them in their quest to live, eat and survive without gluten.”

Richard J. Coppedge, Jr., CMB, Professor in Baking and Pastry,
The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York


“As a chef, I am always looking for new experiences, interesting ingredients and unique preparations. My adventure with gluten free cooking started with meeting Suzanne Bowland.  Her wealth of knowledge helped me open up the creative flood gates with new ingredients such as Amaranth flour, Tapioca Flour and Expandex. The Living Gluten Free Answer Book is not just for people that have gluten intolerance but for all foodies that are interested in learning about fresh new ingredients and methods of preparation.”

Elise Wiggins, Executive Chef, Panzano Restaurant, Denver, Colorado


“This is an incredible book for someone newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. It is also helpful for someone who has heard of the disease and wants to find out more. This is a one-stop shopping book that provides a wealth of information for those with gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance and Celiac disease.”

Renee Zonka, C.E.C., R.D. M.S., Associate Dean, Kendall College


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